Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rent It! - Jane Eyre

I know when I have really taken a liking to a film, when it haunts me and I still wonder about the characters, with possible "what-if" scenarios filling my head. Blame it on a Charlotte Bronte adapted film. So, I finally rented (via Blockbuster - might as well give them a much-needed plug) "Jane Eyre", which came out last year. I was first caught by the way it was shot, so beautiful set-up shots, yet delicately edited to feel like a standard period piece film. It had a hint of modernity, to which the credit goes to Director Cary Fukunuga. He definitely knows what he's doing as he has a cinematography background in addition to his writing and directing credits.

I have never read Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre", nor her sister, Emily's novel, "Wuthering Heights", although I am inspired to now delve in this world of romance, deceit and hardship (which sounds much like an episode of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"). I love how strong-willed the main character, Jane, played by Mia Wasikowski, is in her attempt to escape a depressing childhood, then later to find herself deceived by the man she loves. Wasikowski has a history of playing characters who speak their mind - remember her in Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" or the inquisitive Joni in "The Kids Are All Right". But the other person who caught my eye, for many reasons but most notably because he's nice to look at is Michael Fassbender. Now I know I knew the name but couldn't trace him so off I went to do a bit of research. You might remember him from HBO's "Band of Brothers", "X-Men First Class" or "Inglorious Basterds". And he was most recently linked with Zoe Kravitz. Lucky girl! Jamie Bell is in a grown-up role playing a preacher, who falls for Jane. And the ever faithful Dame Judi Dench, plays the house lady of Rochester's estate.

Now, let's get down to the meat of the talent who you may have barely recognized. Rising star Craig Roberts, who starred in Richard Ayoade's "Submarine" and will be in the upcoming "Red Lights" with Robert DeNiro and Sigourney Weaver. Playing Jane Eyre's evil aunt is Sally Hawkins, which you may remember in quite a few episodes of "Little Britain", "Made in Degenham", "Never Let Me Go" and she's in the upcoming "Great Expectations" as directed by Mike Newell. Very excited about seeing that! And of course, last but not least, the lovely Imogen Poots, who plays Blanche Ingram, who's best known for playing Tammy in "28 Weeks Later" and Prue Sorenson in the 2010 remake of the controversial TV drama Bouquet of Barbed Wire and as Jean Ross in the BBC's Christopher and His Kind.