Sunday, November 20, 2011

Go See: Drive

Sometimes I wonder why it takes me so long to go see a film and I must admit, "Drive" is one of those films that should take top priority in films to see this year. This film should be enjoyed on the big screen while you experience an amazing soundtrack. I directly went to itunes and downloaded this eerie and moody music, which was composed by the incredibly talented Cliff Martinez.

While you are immediately entranced by the incredibly talented Ryan Gosling, I really appreciated that the film was set in and shot in Los Angeles. I always enjoy knowing that I have been in certain places that they have filmed or are familiar with various local points of interest such as "(500) Days of Summer" and "Traffic". Yea, that's the nerd in me. I was very interested and surprised that I wasn't instantly familiar with who the director was, Nicolas Winding Refn. His shooting style didn't seem very American and well, after IMDB'ing him, I see that he's from Denmark. He directed "Valhalla Rising", "Pusher" and "Bronson". Looks he forged a strong connection with Ryan, as he is starring in one Nicolas's next films called "Only God Forgives" with Kristin Scott Thomas.

As we have been seeing lately, the talented Carey Mulligan continues to portray non-british characters, but she was perfect for this role. Other kickers for me - the actor who plays her ex-convict husband completely transformed into a gangster type of dude, who was played by Oscar Isaac. Definitely keep your eye on him as he played the ruthless doctor in "Sucker Punch" and will be in Madonna's upcoming directed film, "W.E." (which is based on the story of Wallis Simpson). It's still such a departure to see Bryan Cranston portray a non-Malcolm-in-the-Middle dad type as well as Albert Brooks playing a heavy-hitting, mafia guy. Ron Perlman plays his brother, who, in my total opinion, will always be the "Beast/Vincent" from "Beauty and the Beast" back in the 80's. And if you nearly blinked, you'd see Christina Hendricks, play an accessory to a crime.