Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

If you're fashion obsessive like me, then you devour on a daily basis emailers from the likes of Rachel Zoe, Daily Candy and WhoWhatWear. In a recent WhoWhatWear emailer, I came across the theme - Garters. I had to consult my fashionistas to see which way this could head towards - the spirit of Halloween, tranny hookers or a serious fashion statement.

Apparently visible garter belts were all the buzz at this year's Christian Dior F/W 09 Couture show. I suppose it makes sense as opaque tights in all colors and designs are in this season. Plus it beats a bare leg in the cold weather. (Yea, so cold in LA!)

But I had to get it straight the fashionistas mouths. Have a read:

Stylist Joni Kilmurry
- "Oh it's a tricky one! It's dangerous territory when it's not being worn on a leggy model, runway-style! It's do-able but as punk rather than sexy. But then one might get a sudden flash of the Lohan rocking this debatable look, and all is lost,tread with caution!!"

Costumer Selby Van Horne
- "I think it would look trashy in LA but hot in NY...I LOVE garters! I bought a garter belt from L.A.M.B. a few years ago... it is a normal outside belt but is the shape of a garter. So cute!"

So there you have it. I would say, overall this accessory which is normally associated with a matrimonial ceremony, can now be taken to the streets if worn tastefully. And it doesn't even have to be part of a Halloween costume! Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Fashion Must-Haves

Wow, a week sure goes by quickly in the heart of La-La Land. As we are in the midst of fall, I have asked my close confidante girlfriends who are entrenched in the fashion industry for that one must-have fall item.

I will begin with my friend, Selby Van Horne. Costumer extraordinaire. She has worked on many films and just wrapped up working on the top-rated show, "My Name is Earl". She recommends opting for a cute jumpsuit this fall season.

"A jumpsuit is easy to layer on a jacket, etc. and super cute with ankle booties." Here are a few to gander and drool over at one of my fave online and offline stores, Intermix.

This is an amazing lace doubleknit jumpsuit by Stella McCartney. It features a deep V front inset with delicate lace.

My other international fashionista friend is Joni Kilmurry. She is the main marketing and stylist guru at Ted Baker (located on Robertson in BH). Her do-not-leave-home, do-not-pass-go, do-not-collect-$200 item for fall is the thigh high boot. For total chic, of course, go for Gucci (see below). I mean, we are in a recession but we still need to look good.

I found examples of these beauties on Alix Rose's, blog.

But I think, we who are all fashion lovers, will agree that perhaps one of the most exciting moments that's about to launch in November is the collaboration between Jimmy Choo and H and M. Thank you, Tamara Mellon. Here's a sneak peak.

Let me know what ya'll's staple items are for this fall!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Finally, here it is! My first and only blog. Where to begin? I guess I'll just start by saying this might be a bit random until I figure out my groove. But don't despair, I promise it will be informative, educational and entertaining.

I want to begin by telling you about my wonderful friends who just wrote a memoir titled, "The Kids Are All Right". Essentially, it's the story about four kids who were orphaned at an early age and how they survived in remaining a family, bucking the foster family system and beating all odds to stay together. I went to their book signing over the weekend at Book Soup. So, please check out the story of the Welch's - Liz, Diana, Dan and Amanda.

Follow them on Twitter: @kidsallright!