Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

If you're fashion obsessive like me, then you devour on a daily basis emailers from the likes of Rachel Zoe, Daily Candy and WhoWhatWear. In a recent WhoWhatWear emailer, I came across the theme - Garters. I had to consult my fashionistas to see which way this could head towards - the spirit of Halloween, tranny hookers or a serious fashion statement.

Apparently visible garter belts were all the buzz at this year's Christian Dior F/W 09 Couture show. I suppose it makes sense as opaque tights in all colors and designs are in this season. Plus it beats a bare leg in the cold weather. (Yea, so cold in LA!)

But I had to get it straight the fashionistas mouths. Have a read:

Stylist Joni Kilmurry
- "Oh it's a tricky one! It's dangerous territory when it's not being worn on a leggy model, runway-style! It's do-able but as punk rather than sexy. But then one might get a sudden flash of the Lohan rocking this debatable look, and all is lost,tread with caution!!"

Costumer Selby Van Horne
- "I think it would look trashy in LA but hot in NY...I LOVE garters! I bought a garter belt from L.A.M.B. a few years ago... it is a normal outside belt but is the shape of a garter. So cute!"

So there you have it. I would say, overall this accessory which is normally associated with a matrimonial ceremony, can now be taken to the streets if worn tastefully. And it doesn't even have to be part of a Halloween costume! Enjoy!

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