Monday, October 18, 2010

Can't Wait: "Morning Glory"

I was such a news junkie when I was a kid. I even attempted to major in broadcast journalism and after landing an internship at a local news station, I still thought it was the dream job. There are so man fun politics and behind-the-scenes antics that go on in a newsroom which is why I'm excited to see "Morning Glory". I'd like to know how you could go wrong with the stars Diane Keaton, Harrison Ford, Rachel McAdams and Patrick Wilson. All incredibly talented actors just waiting to one-up each other in this film. Oh, and let's not forget "The Fly's" Jeff Goldblum.

But let's talk classic TV news movies. How about "To Die For", where Nicole Kidman plays the crazed weather gal. Speaking of crazed meteorologists, you can't forget "Groundhog's Day". That was a classic Bill Murray movie. Or the depressing flick, "The Weather Man" with Nicolas Cage. For those classic film aficionados, we can't forget the James L. Brooks classic film of the 80's, "Broadcast News", starring William Hurt, Holly Hunter and Albert Brooks. One of my personal favorites was Michelle Pfeiffer's "Up Close and Personal", with the amazing Robert Redford.

So, roll the entertaining trailer now for "Morning Glory". Enjoy folks!

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