Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Go See: The Possession

It's that time of the year, my very favorite time of the year - fall.  Which means...it's horror film time!  I love it - the scarier, the better.  I choose various partners-in-crime (my more daring friends) to go see the latest flicks in honour of Halloween.  Oh yes, so to kick start this "holiday", I recently saw "The Possession" starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Kyra Sedgwick, and newcomer Natasha Calis.  It always freaks me out when they preface films with "based on a true story" and lo and behold, they did it with this one. 

I'm not one to spill the beans on any of the plot but man, the director is one sick dude.  Just kidding!  He's pretty genius and danish, at that.  Ole Bornedal.  Yea, he didn't sound familiar to me at all and gets most of his directing and writing props from his homeland, Denmark.  According to his bio on imdb.com, "Bornedal's movies have been critically acclaimed all over the world and is acknowledged as one of the most influential creators of 'The New Danish Cinema.'"

As for the cast, you remember Jeffrey Dean Morgan, right?  He played the guy that Katherine Heigl's character fell in love with and died.  He's still pretty hunky, could even maybe pass for Javier Bardem's brother or cousin.  Jeffrey's wife was played by Kyra Sedgwick - I don't need to say anything more as she's the wife of Kevin Bacon.  And EVERYONE's connected to Kevin Bacon.  But keep you eye out for the girls who played the daughters, Natasha Calis and Madison Davenport.  If you were a fan of the original "Melrose Place", you'll get a kick out of seeing Grant Show and also The Hasidic Reggae Superstar aka Matisyahu.  So go see it - there will be at least one moment where you jump!

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