Monday, June 7, 2010

President Obama Receives Peace

I thought I'd switch around our gears and think politically, which I rarely do and I admit, I'm embarrassed to admit it. So, food for thought - what do we think about President Obama accepting a Nobel Peace Award...?

He is the 4th president to receive the Nobel Prize, after Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and Jimmy Carter. After only having been in the presidential throne for less than a year, perhaps it was a bit quick and hasty to honor the Prez. But overcoming the fact that he's the first african american president promising a "change" for the American people, brought about a new wave of hope for the future of this country.

In Obama's words, he said, "Let me be clear. I do not view it as recognition of my own accomplishments but rather as an affirmation of American leadership on behalf of aspirations held by people in all nations."

I love to get a different perspective of the news from across the globe, which is particularly why I am a bit obsessed with the BBC. In this article from The Times, you can tell it already started with a slight bias as the article is titled, "Barack Obama's peace prize starts a fight". "Gasps" were heard in the audience when they made the announcement. Lech Walesa (the former president of Poland) who won the Peace Prize in 1983, delcared: “So soon? Too early. He has no contribution so far.” And our own US-born Rush Limbaugh stabbed Obama in the back by saying, “This fully exposes the illusion that is Barack Obama."

They can say what they will, but I believe it was an honorable award to bestow upon the Prez. He does signal a new belief system that was so badly tarnished by George W. But seriously, in all honestly, don't you think we'd all feel better if our President was someone noble and compassionate, who helped save our land from aliens? Like Bill Pullman in "Independence Day",

or the romantic president portrayed by Michael Douglas in "The American President".

If only we could really vote on this...!

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