Monday, November 5, 2012

Can't Wait: Skyfall

That's right.  Bond.  James Bond.  And quite possibly, in my expert opinion, the best Bond ever.  Daniel Craig.  Oh yes.  I'm on pins and needles to see this new action-packed flick that everyone's buzzing about, "Skyfall".  Plus the theme sung by Adele is amaze-balls so you know this film is going to be epic.

And, according to The Wrap, "Skyfall" is expected to be the biggest Bond ever at the box office.

"In fact, releasing "Skyfall" to foreign audiences 10 days ahead of its domestic release is a ploy that will pay off nicely: It will help make the first Bond film in four years the biggest 007 ever at the box office, the first to score over $600 million worldwide.

Daniel Craig’s Bond already has been extremely consistent as 2008's “Quantum of Solace” grossed $586 million worldwide while “Casino Royale” topped out at $594 million in 2006. But with foreign grosses for "Skyfall" alone already closing in on $300 million, the sky does indeed seem the limit. 

"The huge overseas numbers for "Skyfall" have trumped all box-office news in the U.S. the last two weekends, and that buzz can only help punch up the grosses Stateside," Exhibitor Relations senior analysts Jeff Bock told TheWrap Monday."

So, there you have it but you didn't need proof.  You were going to go see it anyway, right?  It technically opens on IMAX theaters this Thursday, Nov. 8th.


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