Sunday, November 4, 2012

Go See: Pitch Perfect

Now I know I had told you how excited I was to see "Pitch Perfect" and quite honestly, it nearly over delivered for me.  It's hard to find films where you actually laugh so hard to the point of tears but this film did, at least two times.  I think it also helped who my company was but still - this film packed the laughing punch and if you're every bit the gay man that I am, then you'll see it.  It makes me dream about the moment when Rebel Wilson and I will be besties and we can sit, drink wine and talk about people.  Anna Kendrick was amazing and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be downloading the soundtrack from itunes soon enough.  And ahem, you do know that Ms. Kendrick has been performing on Broadway for years, duh?  You saw her in "Camp", right? You'll also see kick-ass performances by newcomers Skylar Astin (this guy played Georg in "Spring Awakening" in NY), Ben Platt (another theater dude), Ester Dean (singer/songwriter) and Hana Mae Lee (comedian & clothing designer). 

Ummm, so I've said enough - go see it!!!

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